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Oeto supports all the needs of you, your experts and their clients.

Availability and bookings

The experts can easily set their weekly and daily appointment times, confirm or decline appointment requests, or propose rescheduling directly on the platform.The customers can book the expert with only a few clicks and add the appointment directly to their personal calendar.


Integrated video call

Hold a full-screen video call directly on the platform inside the browser – no downloads or other account needed. Forget about creating and sending online meeting links or connecting on social media.


Payments and commission

Collect and control commission simply from the marketplace owner’s dashboard. You can set a commission rate for all calls or choose to deactivate splitting payments and collect the fees 100% (e.g. if the marketplace is used for company employees).


Search and filter

Customers can search and filter the experts based on their category, language, etc.


Expert profile

Every expert has a marketplace profile page, complete with their bio, pricing and booking button. They can link it on their web page or social media, without sharing any sensitive contact information.


Discount system

The experts can create discount codes or make free appointments.


Multiple currencies

The experts can choose their booking currency.


Fresh and minimalist design

The marketplace default landing page is fresh, modern and minimalist, showcasing the list of available experts.


White-labelled option

Use your own logo, brand and domain, so you can provide a fully native experience to your customers.



Naturally, the whole flow is mobile-friendly – from booking to making a video-call.


Analytics and stats

Both the experts and the marketplace owner have a statistics module on their dashboard. Get a quick and simple overview of the payout statistics, the number of calls, duration of the calls, etc. As a marketplace owner, you get an overview of all the experts’ performance.


Email and SMS-notifications

Experts and customers get notifications about requested, approved and upcoming appointments, etc.


API integrations

Connect Oeto with other applications quickly and easily.


No coding needed

Build and customize your marketplace without a single line of code.

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